Food & Hospitality

Wellings welcomes Chef Robert Mills, VP Food Experience at Nautical Lands Group

Nourish Restaurant in the Atrium has seen many celebrations around mealtime, and we love it! Expect more. We are upping the fun factor, our flavour profiles and food quality profiles as Chef Robert and the Team continue to strive for delicious-nutritious meals that feel like a taste if home. 

Your menu is designed following Canada’s Food Guide recommendations for healthy living. With fresh meal options, monthly theme nights, a weekly happy hour serving local wine and beer, and a seasonal menu featuring local providers.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions, and invite you to let us know just what you are looking for and need, to ensure we are able to serve you to your satisfaction. While every apartment comes with a complimentary daily dinner, you can add to your monthly meal plan as you wish.

Experience Nourish Restaurant in the Atrium for yourself. Ask us how you can sit down to dinner with us!


Community and independence are at the core of our philosophy. With this in mind, our Wellings retirement communities across Ontario provide an environment for seniors’ independent living supported by their community. The Wellings of Corunna provides an environment where you are free to pursue your own passions and interests, only opting into the services you choose as you need them.

Residents have plenty of opportunity to get involved in local culture and community to enhance their living experience. With Wellings taking care of day-to-day maintenance and needs, you have more time to go out and explore the beauty of Lambton County!

Located on the beautiful shores of the St. Clair River, Corunna is home to a vibrant community that is just a short drive from Lake Huron. This is the perfect place to transition to a more laid-back lifestyle many people seek in their retirement. With plenty of parks, green grass, and a scenic waterfront to enjoy, The Wellings of Corunna is ideally situated to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. And if you’re looking for a big city adventure, you’re a few minutes from Sarnia and a couple of hours away from London, Kitchener, or Chatham in Ontario. If you really want to have an adventure, you can cross over Blue Water Bridge to visit Port Huron, Michigan!


The Wellings Lifestyle means living an active life on your own terms. The Wellings of Corunna does not have a daily schedule, and the only schedule you have is the one you create yourself. The vibrant community offers plenty of opportunities to create groups and events with activities as diverse as your community.

You will have access to the Wellings concierge service, keeping you updated on everything Lambton County and the surrounding area has to offer. We encourage you to take as many opportunities to explore as possible.

Lambton County was specifically chosen for its celebration of tradition and heritage, containing the site of North America’s first commercial oil well, established in the 1800s! There is plenty to discover, including the local community center, waterfront parks, beaches, and beautifully maintained properties. There are plenty of cycling and walking paths to explore, and residents will enjoy the numerous community events held throughout the year!

The Wellings communities are designed specifically for adults 55 and over wishing to enjoy a more balanced and active life. Wellings is all about celebrating an independent lifestyle, with plenty of amenities to facilitate an active way of life.

Wellings is designed for your comfort and convenience, it’s your home and we encourage you to treat it as your own. Enjoy RECHARGE Fitness area, complete with weights, bike, treadmill and weekly classes to keep you active and strong. The Atrium is where the fun takes place, the restaurant, full service bar, pool table, shuffleboard, Big screen, TED type talks, theme nights and parties with live music. The choice is yours; you can participate or relax at your own pace in the privacy of your own apartment.

You are welcomed to use your full kitchen, but we will be serving a delicious home cooked meal nightly in Nourish restaurant freshly prepared onsite by your own chef.

Health & Wellness

With the rising cost and time it takes to maintain the family home once everyone has left or moved out, it makes sense to downsize. When you downsize, you focus less on day-to-day tasks, giving you more time to do what you love! Pursue your passions, pick up a hobby, take time to explore the life and community surrounding you, or just take a day to explore the region you live in.

At The Wellings of Corunna, you are part of a community of people with diverse interests, all in a similar place in life. When you choose Wellings, you choose to live a more active and engaged lifestyle so you can make the most of your retirement.

For anyone at or nearing the age of retirement, the Wellings of Corunna offers the ideal transition into a simpler lifestyle without sacrificing your independence. With a perfect location to take advantage of the beauty of Lambton County, you have quick and easy access to Sarnia, Wallaceburg, Petrolia, and Port Huron. Each of these places offers unique experiences with plenty of opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, and shopping!

At The Wellings of Corunna, you can leave the city behind knowing you’re an hour or two away from an exciting day spent in London, Kitchener, or Chatham. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, take Blue Water Bridge to Port Huron in Michigan for an exciting weekend excursion. At a certain point in your life, it may make sense to downsize from the family home as maintenance costs increase, or the amount of time it takes to maintain your home no longer permits you to do what you love doing. Maybe additional space is no longer needed. However, downsizing space doesn’t have to mean lifestyle changes. Remember you are changing your address to do more of what brings you joy! At The Wellings of Corunna, we offer a community lifestyle shared with people of diverse interests in a similar place in life. As an active lifestyle community, we encourage embracing all activity that leads to a healthy and fulfilling life. The ability to live healthily and independently is key to staying fit and youthful.